Sep. 20, 2018

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Ravi (Ravi Teja) works as a collection agent of ICICI in Bangalore and leads a happy life along with his friends and his father Mohan Rao (Prakash Raj) who wishes to see Ravi married to a ...DOWNLOAD

































Ravi (Ravi Teja) works as a collection agent of ICICI in Bangalore and leads a happy life along with his friends and his father Mohan Rao (Prakash Raj) who wishes to see Ravi married to a girl soon. Once Ravi rushes to a Hospital where his friend ('Satyam' Rajesh) is admitted as he tried to commit suicide by drinking nail polish solution and asks the reason for it. Then he describes about the traits of Shruti (Shruti Haasan) and her uncle Crazy Mohan (Brahmanandam). The duo have a habit of cheating gullible young men including his friend and Ravi decides to teach them a lesson. Ravi enters their life as a gullible youngster and starts torturing them. Crazy Mohan's plans and attempts always go in vain before him. As a part of their cunning plans, Crazy Mohan advises Shruti to ask Ravi to marry her. As fate would have it, Ravi also comes with a marriage proposal to Shruti. Then the pair approach Mohan Rao and tell him that Ravi is in love with Shruti and that he proposed to her. They assume that this would enrage him but the result is negative as Mohan Rao accepts the proposal heartily. However, Shruti was already engaged to Rohit (Adivi Sesh) by her father (Nassar) sometime in the past. Ravi one days saves Shruti from some goons and after doing so advises her not to play with people's feelings in future. Shruti finds herself falling in love with Ravi and informs Ravi's father Mohan Rao. Mohan Rao leaves the final decision to Shruti's father who in turn guarantees that they would not face any problem in the future from Ravi. On the other hand Rohit's mother (Sana) warns Shruti that she would torture her after her marriage. Listening to both, Shruti's father fixes Shruti's marriage with Ravi. Rohit's mother gets humiliated by this and calls her brother Poorna (Ashutosh Rana). Poorna who arrives at the wedding venue with his hench men recognise that Ravi-Mohan Rao are his biggest enemies Shankar-Nanaji. While Ravi is fighting with the goons, Poorna stabs Mohan Rao and flees away to Vizag with Shruti. After admitting Mohan Rao into the hospital, Ravi starts narrating his past. Another painful movie....... Balupu tries too hard to become entertaining but falls flat.It is a complete torturing experience.The movie is a complete bore.The story was too weak.It tells the story of Shankar who wants to marry a girl who is the future wife of a gangster's nephew.Shankar and his father has a dark secret which blocks their way.How Shankar overcomes the problem and marries the girl is the rest.The same usual story with few twists and over the top action has been repeated again The limping story has been saved by the good direction of Gopichand.Another plus point of the movie is the comedy of Brahmanandam.The start was average but it keeps you entertained due to Brahmi's good comedy.The twist before the climax was average.The flashback story was grossly bad which spoils the whole movie.I felt sorry for Ravi teja who wastes his talent in such movies.Using your logic in the movie would be a heinous crime as the movie was totally illogical especially the climax which was so unconvincing and terrible.In the end a door for its sequel has been kept open.When i heard that this movie is going to be remade in Hindi then i felt so sorry for Bollywood film industry.Bollywood is a developing industry and they should try to make good movies instead of copying a mindless movie. Ravi is a good actor and again he proves his talent.His dialogs delivery and acting is very good.Brahmi is awesome.His comic timing is superb.Shruti looks good but don't have much to do.Prakash raj was average.Rest of the cast was OK. Direction of the movie is very good.Music and cinematography is average.The editing is bad as the movie can have been shortened. Watch it just for Brahmi's comedy or if you are a die hard Ravi fan.It is a usual mindless entertainer without a plot.A one time watchable movie... 5.1 out of 10 would be enough. BALUPU !

As we all know that Raviteja has taken some time to score a hit.Because his past films like DCM,Neninthe and Sirocharu are considered as duds at BO.

Review: Ravi(RaviTeja) is a software engineer with humorous character. Ravi's father(Prakashraj) is in a hurry to marry him. In this situation Ravi will come across a girl called shruthi(shruthi hassan) who lives with his uncle Crazy Mohan(Bramhanandam). Ravi's friend(Rajesh) who tries to commit suicide because of the traits shruthi and crazy mohan. Ravi wants to teach shruthi a lesson. In this process shruthi falls to Ravi.The rest of the part has to be seen in the theater.

The Interval twist worked out well. Ashutosh Rana played a very good as a baddie. The second half of the story has a flashback which came out very well. The comedy scenes between Ravi and crazymohan is a joy to watch. Even the climax of the movie is filled with a dance called "Jamping Japang" (IPL Theme song 2013).

Final Verdict :

The movie Balupu is worth watching with some unbelievable comedy scenes between Ravi Teja and Brammanandam. Raviteja is back with a bang..!!


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